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Friday, June 16, 2006

What's left of me

I heard this song today and it just blew me away…although it is talking about loss and emptiness but I do not know why I can feel so much passion, love and sweetness in it.
The piano in the beginning of the song is like someone hugging me from behind, then touching my face gently and whispering in my ear with words I do not wish to hear.
That’s exactly what happened to Nick…and the voice of his yelling at the end of the song with strings is so beautiful and begging-like that you wish to scream with him.
Actually I am not a pop music fan, but this song is a sample of how you can really show and express your inner thoughts and feelings to the public as a cure of depression- especially after someone has hurt you-as Jessica Simpson did when she broke up with Nick Lachey.


el-amiro said...

I watched all the NewlyWed seasons with Nick and Jessica. I really thought they had something.

But they had to go around and cheat. I don't know who started it, but.....

I am going to download the song and let you know what i think

Anonymous said...

I can't hate you anymore & Resolution are also great

WS said...

Wow,"Resolution" is awesome,first Nick sings together with the piano,and then comes a point where the piano sings alone,which means that life has to go on even if bad things happen(my heart was shaking at that moment),then Nick continues his journey with the piano and finally they sing together with belief and strenght.Great composing,warm voice,true feelings.

el-amiro said...

Okay, I know I am a big dork. But I always enjoyed Nick Lachey's music. I still have all his old songs I used to listen to when I was 15 :)

And don't get me started on N'sync ;)

el-amiro said...

And I liked the song.