EgypToz: Shiloh Nouvel Brad Pitt

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shiloh Nouvel Brad Pitt

handsome man
pretty woman
perfect couple
beautiful baby


el-amiro said...

You forgot.

Based on infidelity

WS said...

Angelina Jolie is going to talk with Jennifer Aniston about this issue...soon .
Brad Pitt ( 42 years old ) wanted to have a baby...what should ( could ) he do?

el-amiro said...

Well Walladshab, From my experience, reading all the hollywood break ups and stuff this wont last like the rest.

Any marriage, even a celebrity marriage, based on infidelity, doesn't last.

But we will see. :)

SaSo said...

ايه البرص اللى هما مخلفينه ده

WS said...

لما نشوف البرص ده لما يكبر هيبقى شكله ايه