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Saturday, June 03, 2006

...and leave the other side

I do not know if I am the only one who recognized that in Good Morning America .The moderator: “and now we will go to a mother, who serves in Iraq…and we will show her the most beautiful thing on mother’s day.”
Then via satellite they showed her two children, 9 years old boy and his brother. They let them talk to their mother who was happy to see them. After 2 minutes of conversation I heard a woman behind the camera whispering the 9 years old boy and telling him: “cry, cry now cry “… so the boy tried to act as if he was crying, he may have trained for days to cry in front of the camera but on air it was so fake that I had to laugh…I could not believe myself...his mother in Iraq said: "I'm doing ok, don't cry baby. Dad's here, too. Don't cry sweetie. … He's proud of you, too. So you all keep on behaving and doing well until I get back."…the moderator then said:" oh... how moving ." Is this the end of the American media-manipulation ( very big question mark )...

they should take private lessons from our media correspondent


Anonymous said...


Big smile + Big TOZ

el-amiro said...

Well I must say its heart breaking to see a mother seperated from her children. It's a great way to gain support, ask Mr. Bushy, he uses it in every speech.

I agree, there is nothing like the Egyptian Anchor Charisma ;)

Did you watch United93 yet? I saw the trailer today and it brought tears to me. How moving.

I wonder when Egyptian film makers will come up with a useful movie that shows the opression the people are taking and the tragedies that have killed many of it's people.

Instead of the dumb movies they produce now.