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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mission:to enter

A girl wants to find her future husband, what can she do in our in in wedding in Moqatam…search in the in in the your dreams...

The girl finds a cute nice guy standing with his friends in the club...she goes to him

Girl: Hi
Boy: yes, hi
Girl: what is your name?
Boy: Ahmed, and you
Girl: Sarah
Boy: nice name Sarah, what do you study
Girl: well...I study...

wiiiiiick....back to reality

Girl: hi
Boy: hmm, hi
Girl: what is your name?
Boy (thinking: who is this silly dumb girl): Ahmed, why?
Girl: ummm...nothing...hummm...ok, my name is Sarah,...
Boy (she is not pretty): ...and????!!!!

Girl: I just wanted...oh..I am

Tries to find someone who may know him, or a closer friend: mission failed: not will take a long time baby
Tries to tell him in an indirect way, eye contact , nice smile: mission failed: will think you are one of the crazy girls of today
Send him a message that you are interested: mission failed: blah...yuk...who wants to know a girl this way

Immediately join the club of Egyptian bachelors: Mabrooouk: mission are single


Tarek said...

Girl number one rocks, but you can only find her in fairy tales

walladshab said...

I hope to find her one day (isa)

luv da Lord :) said...

Assalamu Alicom

hiii guys ... i read da article & did like it ... kinda ((FUNNY)) !! LOL !!

but hey !! u missed one option though ...

wt abt - "SHE" tellin "HIM" dat:-
shez interested >>(NORMAL GURL)
or rather say ... she wants him as a husband >> (CONSERVATIVE GURL)

!! directly & face to face !!
!! without sendin him anybody !!
!! she can just go & tell !!

walladshab said...

ok,next week (ins) after my 1st exam I will make an experiment and go to the club and try to find the girl I like and will go and ask her if she would like to be my wife,let us see what will happen.

Egypt is my dream said...

Waiting for that GREAT event !!
Big smile + TOZ