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Sunday, April 09, 2006

New courses from HellTours

HellTours presents the new courses ( Before coming to Egypt ) for summer 2006

1. The colors of lie: blue lie, white lie, black lie, red lie, green lie and yellow lie
2. The principles of cheating
3. When, where , why and how to give a tip
4. Grammer and vocabulary for the traditional Egyptian vulgar communication
5. How to take your rights without going to the court
6. The ethics in stealing
7. The moral value of accepting humiliation
8. Why animals are better than human beings
9. Discover the beauty of dirt with Dr.Shit
10. Clever steps to forget your identity

Every course costs 150 pounds including practical training and visits.
A new offer :10 courses from 10/5/2006 to 25/5/2006 for 750 pounds only.

Address :Center Elnoqa , 6 St. Clor , Boulak el Dakror , Giza, Egypt
For more information:
Tel: ********** / *******
Fax: ** *******


el-amiro said...

I guess since I am away from masr, it's difficult to remember all those negatives. I only remember the lyrics of "Hilwa Ya Baladi" by Dalida and tears flow.

I don't believe as an indivual you can change the world, but I definitly think you can change yourself--And that is POWER!

Don't allow the negative to pull you back. I am sure there are positives.

WS said... are right...but fortunately I have found a better plan for me...I hope it will is a secret...I only need a companion

el-amiro said...

Okay, I hope it's not to the dark side