EgypToz: الفشفاط فشطنى

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

الفشفاط فشطنى

لقيت الست حتموت فى البيسين لما شعرها لزق فى الشفاط تحت الميه و معرفتش تاخد نفس روحت مدلها قبله الحياه وحاولت اطلع شعرها المحشور معرفتش فجبت مقص و قصيت شعرها و أنقذتها و لما فاءت لطشتنى بالقلم و قالتلى ده انت مش بس قليل الأدب و بوستنى تحت الميه لأ وكمان ندل و حقير ابن وسخه قصيت كل شعرى


el-amiro said...

I wonder how you are able to take pictures freely in the street without being yelled at?

Are you using your cell phone or an actual digital cam?

WS said...

Unfortunately I am using an actual digital camera + I am being yelled at + other things.

el-amiro said...

I am extremely interested on the topic of taking pictures. As a female, I wonder how the Egyptian public will perceive a woman taking pictures. In your opinion, do you think it will be worse or better?

I love taking pictures and I carry my digital camera everywhere. I enjoy taking pictures of everything, including people. I really want to take pictures of people during my visit in Egypt, in the fall. I wonder if it’s safe though.

Maybe you could have an entry on your blog about your experiences; I will surely be interested to read about your experiences.

WS said...

To be honest with is very very difficult to take random pictures in Egypt...cause the people are not used to see someone taking pictures of them...especially if he is an Egyptian...even if you look as a foreigner...they find this action uncomfortable...but at least as a foreigner ( male or female )you will have the right to take pictures as you like...and you will not face the problems and fights I face...I hope I will be alive to write about my dangerous humiliating experiences

el-amiro said...

Well I don't look like a foreigner :) I wear a Jilbab and long Higab, they know I am one of them! and I should know better.

Waiting to hear your stories.